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What is Academic Coaching?

Academic Coaching helps students develop time management, organizational, study and self-advocacy skills.

Academic Coaching is a working partnership that focuses on the process of learning. Helping students improve study skills, develop a positive mindset, unlock their potential and understand how they learn best. 


Student-athletes have academic pressures, physical pressures and scheduling conflicts. Managing it all can be a challenge. 


Academic Baller helps student-athletes develop the skills to ensure their success on AND off the court and field.


How is Academic Coaching different from Tutoring? 

Academic Coaching focuses on the process of HOW to learn. 

Tutoring focuses on teaching academic subject matter of WHAT to learn.


Similar to a sports coach, an Academic Coach tends to work on strategies to help improve and increase performance levels. 


Tutors help students with a specific subject, prepare for homework, tests and exams. Tutoring is about helping students understand a subject so that they can perform well in that particular area. 


Some students can greatly benefit from having both Academic Coaching AND tutoring.

Think of it as having both a sports coach (for overall preparation and performance) and a sports trainer (for specific conditioning).

Academic Baller currently does not offer tutoring services. However, we are partnered with a great tutoring company.


We are happy to provide a referral, if additional subject matter support is needed.

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