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What Is Your Learning Style?

Knowing your learning style can mean a world of difference for the way that you learn, study and organize yourself.


Visual Learners:

  • Use pictures, charts, graphs, etc., for understanding

  • Like to sit at the front of the room to see the teacher’s expressions and body language

  • Prefer handouts and maps vs. verbal explanations and directions

  • Highlight their reading with colored pens or markers

Auditory Learners:

  • Participate in class discussions

  • Read their textbooks aloud when studying

  • Say things repeatedly (silently or out loud) to memorize information

  • Study in quiet places without any distracting noise

Kinesthetic Learners:

  • Need to think

  • Move around when learning

  • Want to do it, not read or hear about it

  • Study in places with activity and noise 

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