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Academic Baller provides student-athletes with assistance in setting objectives and goals, while building the necessary strategic studying, time-management and organizational skills to empower success. 

Benefits include:

  • Improved academic performance

  • Increased self-confidence 

  • Better understanding of individual learning style 

  • Development of organizational, time management and study strategies

  • Greater independence and self-reliance

  • Enhanced motivation and accountability

  • Self-advocacy skills development

  • Effective transition strategies (balancing school and sports commitments)

Each weekly Academic Coaching session (in-person or virtual) is for one hour. 

Each week we will review/discuss/plan:

  • Syllabus for all classes

  • Strategies to meet the requirements of each individual class

    • Effective homework completion

    • Study guide development

    • Useful note-taking skills

    • Memorization techniques

    • Study skills

    • Test taking strategies

  • Develop organizational systems:

    • Practical backpack, gym bag and locker organization

    • Strategies for balancing class and sports commitments during the season

  • Calendars/Planners

    • Upcoming homework assignments, quizzes, tests and project due dates

    • Weekly sports commitments (training, practice and game schedules)

  • Any areas of concern

  • IEP/504 plan support (if applicable) - to ensure school compliance

Additional weekly communication also includes: Unlimited touch-base access via email, text or phone. Students are encouraged to reach out at anytime with questions or concerns. We are here to offer support!

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Our goal is to provide student-athletes with all of the tools needed to immediately
see the results of their efforts. 

Through our coaching relationship students will be empowered to:

  • Identify and overcome obstacles that are impeding their academic success

  • Focus on individual goals and identify the steps to reach those goals

  • Get motivated to take ownership of their academic success

  • Develop strong time-management, organizational skills and practices

  • Understand how to use effective learning strategies

  • Speak up! Be effective in advocating for themselves

  • Effectively balance the demands of being a student and an athlete

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