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Thank you for visiting Academic Baller.

I am the mom of an amazing 13-year-old son. He is both a talented student and basketball player.

After a very frustrating period of advocating for support and unsuccessfully trying to locate supplementary learning tools...I decided to create what my son needed myself.

Creating customized tools turned into a journey of learning discovery. I discovered that my son processed information quickly and was a "visual learner". Meaning that he best grasps information that he can "see".

Unfortunately, in a class with 25+ students and several lesson plans to complete, teachers will not always try to identify the learning styles of their students. As a result, students that are very capable of earning "A's" are often earning "C's and D's". In some sad cases, they may even be failing in class.

That is why I created Academic Baller. My mission is to help students discover how they learn, gain confidence and reach their highest academic potential.

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